Let Ratz Pack Media help you manage, analyze, and optimize your ad campaign. By following our proven method, we will find your business's best target audience, most effective ads, and bring in sales for the best possible return.

We have managed Facebook ads for 60+ companies since 2012. From business coaching to fitness training, from music festivals to amusement parks, we are the experts.

Through working in so many niches we have developed and perfected the process of pinpointing the optimal audiences and most engaging ads for your company -- all while keeping costs low, and profits high.


Before running ads, we offer a 1-hour consultation in which we ensure that your existing funnel (including landing pages, email automation, videos, etc.) is of the highest quality, and ready for traffic.

Once the funnel is optimized, we begin the process of creating effective ads.

Our first step is to run ads to existing warm audiences to discover what journey we need to walk them through to get them to act.

This process allows us to fine-tune your funnel while ensuring that we are using the best performing ads before moving on to new, cold audiences for our 8-week testing period.


Targets new audiences and convince them to care about what you have to say.

Shows your potential buyer how their life, business, relationship, etc., will look after they have worked with you.

Allows them to sample a portion of your service, giving them the opportunity to see results before they commit.

Create a no-brainer offer that they can’t refuse.


Weeks 1-2:
This period is spent testing various audiences to determine who is the most engaged and prepared to interact with your content.

Weeks 3-4:
Once we have determined the most receptive audiences, we need to ensure that each ad we run is the most effective version for each group. During this period, we will test different ad variations to make sure that we are running the best ads for your most engaged audiences.

Weeks 5-6:
We know who to target, and how, but what is the most effective way to move someone to become a loyal buyer? During this period, we analyze each touchpoint your audience engages with in order to understand exactly what needs to be optimized, for the best results.

Weeks 7-8:
Now that we have consistent results, we scale ad spend to ensure that as we spend more, the results continue to perform as anticipated. We test new offers with best performing audiences and target new audiences with tried and true campaigns.

After this process is complete, we have benchmarks that inform us as to how much targeting a new audience should cost, which ads elicit the most favorable response and which funnel will ensure that they are ready to pull out their credit cards.


Through his 7 years of experience in Online Marketing, Azriel Ratz has perfected the process of helping companies find the best audiences and develop the best ads for their business. Apply now to speak to Azriel.

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