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WordPress Settings: Permalink Settings

permalink settings

The next setting we will look at is Permalink Settings. Before we talk about permalinks I will give you a strong word of caution. If you have a lot of posts already created, sites linking to your site, or you rank on search engines then I highly recommend that you do not change anything on this page. Changing anything here will change every post’s link on your entire site.

Okay, now the question is, what is a permalink? The permalink of a post is the text after the / following your URL. My URL is RatzPackMedia.com so the permalink of a specific page would be “/designing-your-email-designing-the-preheader/.” By default (I have no idea why) WordPress permalinks are set to “ugly” links (their name, not mine…) which just means /?p=ID# (ID# means a number given to the post as an ID and that is the URL to the page. Many SEO experts debate as to which permalink structure is best, some say to include the date in the permalink, others say to include the post ID (for sites that want to be indexed by Google News it is actually a requirement for indexing for the permalink to have the ID number, so if you hope that one day your site will be listed in Google News you should add the ID to the permalink now.) Others believe that the search engine wants to see the folders clearly labeled from any post, so it should include the category in the permalink like this “/email-marketing-tips/designing-your-email-designing-the-preheader/.”

Since no one really has any idea which structure is best WordPress gives you all the options plus more. The first option after the default is full date and post title, then just the month and post title, then just the post ID, then just the post title, and the final option is to make your own custom permalink. So you can choose the version for your site that you want.

I will say it again, if you site has a good reputation you should not touch the permalinks because it will change a lot about your site. Every link that worked before will not work, so every post on social media, every link from a directory, or guest blog will stop working. So be very careful when changing the permalinks.