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WordPress Plugins: Social Media Plugins

Social Media Plugins

Everyone knows how powerful social media is. In other tips we have spoken about how to build a following on Twitter and Facebook (hopefully we will do other social media tips in the future.) One really great way to make sure that people follow you on social media or share your content to their social media channels is to include ways for people to do that on your site.

At the moment I would say there are seven big social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat). So there are two things that you want to have on your site, one is the ability for people to follow you on those channels and the other is for people to share your content on their accounts.

If you want people to follow you on any of these platforms you can download a plugin that will make it easy to place a widget (details in a later post) with a box to follow that social media. For Facebook you can download a Facebook like box for Google Plus you can download the Google Plus badge, (some people claim that this is also good for SEO on Google, so even if you don’t use the platform it is worth putting a badge on your website.) For Twitter it’s actually easier to make the code yourself and just copy paste it into a widget. Simply log into Twitter and go to Widgets inside Settings, then press Create new, and you can easily create a widget exactly how you want it, then just copy paste this code into a widget. Now if you want to show off your Pinterest get this plugin, this one for Instagram, and this one for your Snapchat Snapcode.

Now, if you want people to share your content on their social media channels there I personally use Po.st. It is free to sign up, really easy to make a custom widget, and edit it later. (They happen to have a plugin, but I am not the biggest fan of it.) If coping the code into your site is complicated this plugin looks easy enough to use.

This should cover you for most of your social media needs. If you are using some other social media, and you want people to follow you there search the name of the platform on the WordPress Plugins page. For some reason no one has made a Cyber Dust widget yet! (I keep trying to, but it keeps disappearing on me. </sarcasm>)