Why don't you use Facebook Offers?


Facebook Offers are a great way to convert your page likes to customers. It combines the power of Facebook and email marketing together. When a person accepts an offer they get an email directly from Facebook with information about the offer. Make sure when creating an offer you give it:

1) A title

2) A description

3) A great picture. (If you plan to advertise with this offer make sure the image doesn’t have too much text.)

4) Also, if you want, you can send people to a landing page to get the coupon (where you could require an email address.)

There are many really great ways to use offers:

1) Give an exclusive deal just to those on Facebook, that don’t yet like your page (you can’t actually force people to like your page anymore, and you shouldn’t want to…) to get them to see your page. In an email tell your customers about an exclusive coupon on Facebook.

2) Get people who have never heard of you to buy by targeting specific audiences that would want to buy your product.

3) Offer deals to get existing customers to buy more. Find out what the average purchase in your store is and tell people if they buy over that amount they get free shipping. Ie If normally $45 then say free shipping over $60.

4) Just post it like a normal organic post, only to be seen by those who like your page.
There are tons of ways to use offers, yet I don’t see a lot of businesses using this amazing tool.

Do you use offers?