Where you at? How to use Facebook locations


Facebook has had a locations option for a long time. Most of the time I see people using it is when they are in airports, nothing too interesting.

Facebook announced at this year’s f8 conference that they are planning to add some additional features based on events in your area.

This feature could be great for some companies, but for most it may not be so relevant.

Here are some examples of how to use the location tag:
1) A food truck company can tell people where they will be that day.
2) A celebrity who wants to make an impromptu meet up can surprise his or her fans in a park.
3) If you have a booth at an event like SXSW and check in it will let people there know that you are there.
4) If you are at a networking event it can be used to meet new people.

But, if you are an online store or brick and mortar store this may not help your business so much, but give it a shot and see how your fans like it.

Have you ever used check ins for your business? If yes, how?