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What I learned from working with a business coach while generating $700,000+ (Part 1)

I have had the pleasure to work with the coach and her team for the last few months. During that time, we have worked together on 3 launches, all of which were over 6-figures, 1 of which made about half a million dollars.

Before I get into the Facebook ads tips for launches I want to discuss what the coach did to make the ads so successful.

1) Bring the A-Team

Facebook ads require other moving parts. Most coaches try to cut corners when it comes to things like graphics, landing pages, and email automation. the coach hired experts for every step of the way, making sure every touch point worked well and looked beautiful.

This was incredibly important when it came to running ads. Without them, the ads would have sent hundreds of people to the landing pages, but it would have been much harder to get sales.

2) Create an Engaged Audience

When selling a high-ticket product, you need to make sure that your audience is ready to buy. When someone sees a price tag of $1,000+ they need to be very confident that the program will deliver, or they will be very hesitant to pull out their credit card.

The coach not only took the time to grow a Facebook page and group but also to keep the followers engaged and interested.

When it came time to run ads there was already an audience ready to learn more about the offer.

3) Build an Amazing Product

When it comes to launches it is very hard to know if a product will sell well or not. But, if you take the time to pinpoint each problem with your existing clients, learn exactly what they are looking to know, and build products and services based on those issues.

The reason why the program was such a success was that the coach noticed that many of her clients were struggling with launches. This was a specific pain that they were facing. If her students were having problems there, it is likely others like them were in a similar situation.

By taking notice of exactly what her best clients needed she was able to create a program for others to solve a problem she already knew they were having.

When the coach came to me she already had an engaged audience, a top-notch funnel, and a no-brainer offer.

Using the power of Facebook ads, we were able to make sure that the right people saw the offer, give them the incentive to buy, and end the launch with over 6 figures in profit.

If you are about to launch a high-ticket product or already have a successful high-ticket product but are looking for more scale, have spent the time to build an engaged audience, and want to use the power of Facebook ads to hit six figures I would love to chat.