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Track your Audience's Activity!

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In our last tip I skipped over the section called “Activity.” I also mentioned that I may bring a different topic up later, digging deeper into who clicked on each URL.

Most companies DO NOT analyze their statistics anywhere near as much as they should. For example, imagine if you had a list of 10,000 but the same 1,000 were opening, but you never looked into this. Imagine if there was a group of 50 people that were your best people, that you could offer amazing deals and they would all buy it? But, you didn’t spend time to sift through the data to see who is clicking, reading, opening, etc. on a normal basis. Imagine if you knew that by switching the order of 2 things in the email you would sell more products or get more donations? How could you know these things without testing and analyzing? I’ll tell you… you can’t!

Back in September Mailchimp announced Mailchimp Pro. Besides revamped A/B testing, they also upgraded the reporting.

Mailchimp realizes that most companies don’t look at reports, and even if they do, they either don’t understand what they are looking at or don’t have time to digest it. All of these things can be done on the basic level of Mailchimp if you are prepared to wait for your results, but companies who want the results faster will be able to handle the $199 extra a month.

As far as the majority of companies and most people on Facebook who decided to bash Mailchimp for this expensive package, there is something you can do. Start looking through your stats from the last 5-10 emails. Download the list of who opened, who clicked, who clicked the most, etc. and compare the lists. Analyze these lists, who knows what you’ll find? If you don’t look you’ll never know!