There may be many ways to advertise on Facebook, but only one right way

facebook ads

There are several ways to advertise on Facebook:
1) Boosting Posts
2) Creating ads directly from the page
3) Creating ads in the ad manager
4) Creating ads in Power Editor

If you are using anything but Power Editor to create ads you are wasting your time, money, resources, and your doing it wrong. Please stop! Please! Power Editor isn’t that hard to learn, and it’s makes a huge difference.

Several weeks ago, I tested the theory. I made one ad on Ad Manager targeting email subscribers to get them to sign up to a second email list. After 24 hours I was getting an email sign up for 20 shekel (about $5 an email). The next day, in the same time period I made 25 ads in Power editor targeting the same group and got an email sign up for 3 shekel (about $.75 an email). Power editor is the ONLY way to make ads on Facebook. If you are doing it any other way, you’re doing it wrong.