There is a difference between “like”-ing your page and liking your page

Facebook Like
The next audience set that is worth looking into has an important contingency. If you built your page the right way then this audience has amazing potential, if not then they are just as useful (or possibly worse) to you as total strangers.

This audience is the people that like your page. If they are people that actually care about your company or the topic of your posts then they could be one of your greatest assets, but if you got these people the wrong way (there are plenty of wrong ways) then they are totally useless to you, and they will hurt your page, your posts, and your ads in the long run. Having “fake” numbers are not worth it!

The people that like your page are great candidates to sign up to your email list or register for your event buy your products, etc. Another great way to use this group is to actually exclude them from ads. For example, when trying to get people to like your page. (Why pay for an ad for page like to be shown to people who already like your page?)

I assume most people use this audience when targeting for ad sets, but it’s important to remember that they are only as good as you treat them. If all of your posts or ads are garbage (or what these people would consider garbage) then they will probably ignore any ads you throw at them, but if your page is good then they will jump at any opportunity that you show them.

We will discuss later what it means to treat your likes the right way.