The Facebook Ads Difference

Let's talk about Facebook Ads
Twitter has (had, I am very angry at some recent changes that Twitter made… I don’t want to talk about it. I am too busy crying myself to sleep every night…) a lot of perks that Facebook does not have, most of those involve the social abilities of Twitter that Facebook just does not have. But Facebook Ads has the greatest advertising suite that ever existed in history.

The information that Facebook collects (and keeps very private, no they don’t sell it to Egyptian hackers… trust me, it would not be worth their while) contains more about you than any other advertising group is able to match. Once a marketer knows their target audience he or she can target that audience over and over again with high quality content (if it’s not high quality Facebook will make sure the users will not see it…). In the next couple of lessons we will delve deep into all of the parts of Facebook advertising.

Excited? I know I am!