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The Editor Tab: The Single Post

The Single Post

The next sheet we will look into is the “single post” sheet. The name can vary based on the theme, but the actual name will be “single.php”. In this sheet you will see the layout for every post (not page) on your site. Depending on your theme there will probably be code in here already, so just look around and see if you understand any of it. Again, every theme is different, so what I am about to say may not apply to your specific theme.

You may see something like “<div id=”content” class=”content” role=”main”> <?php get_template_part( ‘content-single’, str_replace( ‘dt_’, ”, get_post_type() ) ); ?>” This code is saying that this place is for the content. Meaning that the text you put into your post goes here.

Knowing where this text is helps want to edit the code. This will allow you to add things to your posts that you want to show up on every post. If your site will have google ads this is the sheet that you want to place them. A note about Google ads, you can only have 3 per webpage, also, unless you have hundreds of thousands of pageviews on your site you won’t make much money. A company I worked with had a million pageviews and was making about $5,000 a month from Google ads. If you have a product that you have for sale it is almost always worth it to not have Google ads on your page. But if you site is mostly content, and you are building a large following then it is worth testing Google Ads and see if you get any clicks. The four locations you can (obviously there are other places, but don’t make people hate you…) put an ad are:

  1. Above the title right under the menu bar.
  2. Inside the article itself (you will either have to pay a programmer to put this in automatically or you will have to place the code into each article individually.)
  3. Under the comments
  4. In the sidebar

To place Google code in location 1 put it above the text I posted, and location 3 you will post it directly below this code.

The other thing you should place in your code is a social media bar. I already spoke about go to that website and you can create a custom social media bar for free, and you can add any social media platform you want. Then copy the entire code and paste that right above the code I mentioned before. I like to add a <br /> or two (this is just code for line break) to get some space between the social media bar and the featured image of the post.

Those are the only two things that I personally place on this page, but if you want to place something on every single post on your website this is the place to do it.