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The Editor Tab: The Header Sheet

The Header Sheet

The next sheet that you need to know about will be called something like “header” or “header-main” or something like that. This sheet runs on the top of every single page on your site. Examples of why you would use this is for Google Analytics code (if you aren’t using the plugin), code for a Facebook audience pixel, or code for verifying information for certain services that request proof that you own the site.

When possible you should not post things in here, because it means that it is one more thing that needs to be loaded every time someone goes to your website, goes to a new page, or even just refreshes the page they are on.

We have discussed site speed before, but it is important to remember that every new thing you add to your site will make it just slightly slower. Every new line of code that needs to load will affect the user experience, this is also true for plugins, which is why I know several programmers that prefer to do everything manually rather than download an extra plugin to do it.

At the same time, you need to remember that paying out of pocket or hiring a programmer is out of the question for most small businesses, so many times it is worth it to sacrifice a little bit of speed for efficiency. Adding the code for a Facebook pixel will most likely not affect the speed in a big way and the upside is so extreme, it allows you to retarget people who have been to any page of your website, which will increase the chances of them buying.

Whenever you add any plugin or extra code to your site remember to balance speed for the value that adding the code will bring you. This is something that many people do not consider when creating sites on drag and drop website builders like Wix or Weebly. While these sites may look “nice” (I put that in quotes because many times the sites don’t even look so nice…) they lose out on things like site speed, SEO, and customization. These sites are working very hard to give you an experience that lets you customize more and more, and they are getting better, but they still can’t compete with WordPress.

Getting back to the header sheet, while you should try to keep this sheet as lean as possible sometimes it is worth adding code to it, for remarketing or analytics purposes.