Text Posts on Facebook

text post

Let’s talk about text posts. In general people don’t have time or energy to read long winded posts on Facebook this is true except in a few cases:

1) The message gives the customer some amazing value they can’t get anywhere else.
2) It is incredibly engaging.
3) You create tons of amazing content and people associate your company with this caliber of content and are willing to sit and read a long post.

If your text posts (or for that matter all of your content) don’t satisfy at least one of these rules chances are no one has any interest or patience to read your posts. If people do read them and reply to them you should forever be grateful that they went out of their way to do it, because guess what, they have plenty of way more important things to do than comment on your long winded text messages.

So if you see that your text posts aren’t getting much engagement then you may want to spice things up.