Targeting Website Visitors with Facebook Ads

Facebook Website Visitors
Targeting website visitors could be used as a very powerful tool. Simply place the audience pixel into the header of every page of your website and Facebook will track anyone that goes to any page.

NOTE: To create a pixel go to Ads Manager, click on the Tools drop down menu and select Audiences. Here you click on Create a Custom Audience, choose Website Traffic, set the number of days since their last visit (max of 180 days) and give the Audience a name. (max is you would like to track and name the pixel. Then, simply copy paste the code in the header of your site and you’re ready to go.

Targeting website visitors is much better targeting than interest groups targeting because these people have already heard of you, they have even been to your site at some point, and even if they don’t remember being on your site they will most likely remember your logo, your acronym, etc.

This is a great audience to target for likes on your page, to re-target those who visited a specific item on your page but didn’t buy, and many other conversions.

Go create an website visitor pixel today and put it on your site, it takes a few days (depending on your traffic) to create a large enough audience to be able to target this group, but it’s worth it. There are many uses for website visitors, so when creating your next ad set don’t forget to include website visitors and see how it competes against your other audiences.