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Take Advantage of Facebook Video Ads


Earlier we mentioned that Facebook has a rule that a photo for an ad cannot contain more than 20% text. The reason for this is because Facebook thinks text causes users to take more action.

While this rule is true for photos this is not the case for videos. So, why not make a short several second video with big words explaining what you want people to do, maybe try “SIGN UP TO OUR MAILING LIST” it can be 2 words at a time for 2 seconds each. I have seen many companies using this trick to get you to watch to their videos while you are scrolling, why not go one step further and tell people to click on your link, or like your page, or comment on the post?

UPDATE: This post was originally written in late May. A few days after this was written Gary Vee began doing this exact thing to grab people’s attentions while scrolling through their Facebook News feed.