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Sending your First Email Newsletter!

sending your first email newsletter

After you have finished designing and laying out your email it is time to send your email. In the confirm tab Mailchimp quickly reviews some key points for your email to make sure it is ready to send. If you followed the directions so far you should be fine.

Now it is time to decide when to send your email. You have two options, send now or schedule for later. If you are ready to send now then hit send and confirm and you are finished. If you want to send later you have three options (2 are paid only options):

  1. Send at a specific time and date
  2. Send at a specific time and date based on each subscriber’s time zone
  3. Let Mailchimp choose when to send the email

The most important question you must consider when deciding on the proper time to send your emails is “when is the time that most of my audience will most likely open their email with enough time to read this?” The answer to this question is the answer to which type of sending you should do. If sending it at 7:00am EST is when most of your audience will read your email, then send it then. If most will read it at 6:00pm their time, then send it at that time. If you don’t know, then let Mailchimp decide and see how that affects your open rate.

You have now sent your first email newsletter! Congratulations!

The fun has just begun!