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Running Ads on Commission

My reply to someone asking to pay for ad management only on commission:

Helping someone out and doing work for someone is very different.

The reason why almost no expert will do work for free is that:

1) Managing ads takes a ton of time. My cap is somewhere around 15 clients a month total. This means that for every client I take on there is one less spot for a client who is happy to pay.

2) FB ads are just part of the work. Besides the obvious landing pages, video editing, graphics, email automation, etc. There are also lots of questions about the product and the audience. How well does the product sell without ads? How engaged is the existing Audience? When someone comes in, even with a proven strategy there is no guarantee of success, but there is a guarantee of work.

3) Besides the amount of work is the length of testing. Average testing periods for products are between 6 weeks and 3 months before you have a clear strategy for growth. So, you are asking someone to put in a minimum of 6 weeks of work for free before it is clear if any money will be made on the project.

4) In my experience, those who aren’t willing to pay upfront for ads are usually ones who cut corners in other places. So, it makes me assume that the landing pages, content, etc will not be as high quality as it can be since they are more concerned about saving money.

5) At the end of the day, we don’t need you, you need us. Ads is a skill many of us have worked on for years. There are many businesses who want to run ads and are happy to pay upfront, so we have no reason to risk when many of the factors are out of our control.

This isn’t to say that I am against helping, in fact, I think I have more free content online about FB ads than almost anyone else on Earth.

My content is free, but my time isn’t. You are asking for a whole lot of time, and you’re unwilling to pay for my hard work.