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Creating an Facebook event for your page is essentially like creating a mini-page for your business.

The parts of an event are:
1) Name

2) Details

3) Where (Location)

4) Tickets (This is a place to put a link to where people can buy tickets)

5) When

6) Header Image

After you have set up an event it takes on the characteristics of a page, except with several benefits.

1) Most people would never invite a friend to like a Page on Facebook, but it is totally normal to invite a friend to an event they may be interested in.

2) As the date for the event approaches Facebook will give all of those invited a reminder notification.

3) When a person posts on a Page the post usually goes unnoticed, but on an event every time there is a post everyone invited gets a notification.

So, next time your company is having a party, webinars, and any sort of gathering use Facebook Events and see how it performs. This is yet another underused tool companies can use and there are tons of up sides for using it.

NOTE: If someone posts in the event, you are basically expected to respond ASAP.

Do you use events for your business pages? If yes, how?