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Play the long game

play the long game

There are a lot of people that are into beating the system. They hear of the latest trends on online marketing, on SEO, the latest results on a survey about best performing posts on Facebook that they spend all of their time trying to beat the system. Several weeks later the algorithm changes, or Google updates their search results and these people are the first ones to feel the heat.

People complain that Facebook is stealing their money and ruining their business, but really it’s their attempt to go around the system that is hurting them in the long run.

If someone learns how to play by the rules they will be rewarded greatly in the long run in comparison with someone who changes strategies based on the newest trends.

I’m not denying that this approach will work at the beginning, but after no more than 6 months they will fail and these people will have the start all over again.

If you do things right the first thing then it will pay off for you many times in the future.

Do you prefer the quick cash that will cost you in the long run or to play the long game and see big gains?