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How to Optimize your Facebook Ads Funnel

Today we will discuss the 5 ways to tweak your Facebook Ads to get better results:
1) Make the Product for the Market, Don’t Try to Find the Market After you Make the Product
2) Target the Exact Audience that Would Be Interest in the Product
3) Create Highly Relevant Ads, Using The Correct Keywords and Images
4) Have a Clear and Simple Landing Page
5) Make the Offer on the Landing Page Something Worth Getting
This coming Monday, Sept 5, I will be launching my first ever Facebook Ads Course. You can see the full Table of Contents for the Course here.
The first course will only be $49, paid by PayPal to All classes will be taught live on FB live in a private Facebook group, with 2 hours of class and 1 hour Q&A weekly for 1 month.
If you have any questions reach out and ask!