Now that you understand that you NEED to use Power Editor, let's learn how

power editor

Now that you know that Power Editor is the only way to advertise on Facebook let’s learn how to use it.

Ads are set up in three steps:
1) Campaign
2) Ads Set
3) Ads

The Campaign is where you set up the goal of the ad.
The Ad Set is where you choose the amount of spend for the ad, the audience, and the time of the ad.
The Ads is where you make the actual ads.

IMPORTANT: Facebook makes you define the goal (in the campaign) of the ads before you start building your ads. This is a little hint from the Facebook gods on how to use Facebook in general (and all other marketing platforms).

Make sure you have set business goals when starting your anything new, then every so often see if you are meeting your goals or not, and make changes accordingly.