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NEW Facebook Feature: Link to author’s Page from URL Share

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I was scrolling through my Facebook Newsfeed and I noticed a field inside the URL information under the link description of the link it says the Display URL and the right of that, in some cases it says the author’s name. In some cases it does more than just says the author’s name, it actually links to their Facebook page.

Let’s take this in for a second, if someone shares an article from your website, you can have your Facebook page appear in every post, but most people aren’t doing this! Why? Because they didn’t know they could!

Now you do, so you have no excuse! Let me tell you how to do it.

(NOTE: If you are using WordPress ignore this paragraph) You need to add a meta property to your page. Simply add this code to the post pages <meta property=”article:author” content=”” /> and place your page’s Facebook URL in between the “” after content=.

If you are using WordPress go to users, select the user that you use to post and scroll down to “Facebook profile URL.” Here put the full URL to your Facebook page, and it should add this new author section to every new article on your site.

If there is an old article that you want to add this for simply put the link inside the Facebook Debugger and it should update that link.

This new feature is definitely going to lead early adopters to gain a lot of new likes if anyone shares an article from your site.