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Understanding Analytics Based on the Platform – Marketing Essentials

Every platform gives you data, the problem is that each platform breaks that data down differently. If we just compare video views, YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat each have a different way to report what counts a video view. If you don’t understand how each platform reports data you won’t know what needs fixing.

Facebook is Making Changes – Marketing Essentials

Facebook is constantly making small aesthetic changes to the site and app. Today we discuss the new business page layout and why these changes will hopefully effect how many companies do business on Facebook.

What Your Business Can Learn From Bitmoji – Marketing Essentials

A few weeks ago Snapchat integrated with Bitmoji. In this video we discuss what your business can learn from this partnership.

How to Actively Get Seen On Instagram – Marketing Essentials

The problem with Instagram, just like Twitter is that engagement has become overcrowded and automated. So, if you want to get seen on Instagram you need to do the opposite, comment with authentic and real opinions.

How to Be Seen on Instagram – Marketing Essentials

Last week we spoke about how to use hashtags on Twitter to get your tweets seen. Today we will talk about how to use the same method to be seen on Instagram.

How To Get Seen Twitter – Marketing Essentials

Today we discuss how to get in front of people on Twitter so that your tweet will get seen. While this tactic won’t get you millions of impressions, it will get you in front of the people that matter the most, the people that actually ask for help.

How to Be Seen on Twitter – Marketing Essentials

Trying to get your content seen on Twitter is basically impossible. The average post is seen by less than 1% of your following. There are two ways to get your content seen on Twitter. Today we talk about the first way, using trending hashtags.

Two Video Tricks for More Reach On Facebook – Marketing Essentials

Facebook has been taking video very seriously (I assume you noticed by now)… But, there are two features of video that people are not taking nearly enough people are taking advantage of!

A New Snapchat Feature: Recommend – Marketing Essentials

Snapchat is rolling out new features faster than any other business. A feature that went relatively unnoticed was Snapchat Recommend.

How to Advertise on Facebook – Marketing Essentials

Today we are going to discuss how to advertise on Facebook. In this video we give a step by step guide on exactly how to run ads on Facebook.