Hijacking the System to WIN in Business!

We all have one thing we prioritize the most: Ourselves. So the number one rule for building a successful business is Win-Win.

Election Day: What Businesses Can Learn From their Mistakes

The downfalls of playing the short-term instead of the long-term.

Delegation: How it Can Save Your Business

Don’t waste your time, trust others to lead you to success.

Why You Should Say “Thank You” to Rejection

Rejection is hard, but getting turned away from a client can be a gift for your business.

Obstacles are the New Black

Things don’t get easier, you just get better.

The Formula for Connecting to Cold Audiences

The importance of establishing authority and showing your clients the Promised Land.

Be in the game, Stay in the Game

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take- Wayne Gretzky

Time and Consistency Lead to Success

You have the right offer, the right people, the right everything but it’s just not working? Put in more time, give it more consistency, look at long-term​, and you will see your results.

Buy a Fast Pass, Skip the Line and Get on the Ride!

The advantages of coaching, and how it lets you skip the line.

Should I Make Videos for Facebook?

A video is so much more powerful than an image, don’t miss out!