The Formula for Connecting to Cold Audiences

The Formula for Connecting to Cold Audiences

The importance of establishing authority and showing your clients the Promised Land.

Be in the game, Stay in the Game

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take- Wayne Gretzky

Time and Consistency Lead to Success

You have the right offer, the right people, the right everything but it’s just not working? Put in more time, give it more consistency, look at long-term​, and you will see your results.

Buy a Fast Pass, Skip the Line and Get on the Ride!

The advantages of coaching, and how it lets you skip the line.

Should I Make Videos for Facebook?

A video is so much more powerful than an image, don’t miss out!

Kapow! Bang! Put Them in the Action!

Entertain -> Educate -> Execute: How to get them to listen to what you have to say and buy!

Using Facebook Ads Strategically

Our limited time offer: If you are willing to invest 300-500 dollars into Facebook ads, Ratz Pack Media will take it from there. And you don’t even need to pay us!

Advertising Done Right

Advertising Done Right

In my speech yesterday, at the Facebook Ads Summit, I spoke about the best way to approach awareness ads: 1) Target their pain points 2) Sympathize with them 3) Give them hope that there is a solution This image is the first page of “The Beck Diet Solution”. In 3 paragraphs the author nails every…

How to Get Ready For Running Ads

o, you want to run ads for your service based business… Before spending any money, here is what I would focus on: 1) What problems does your service fix? 2) Which group of people experience these problems? 3) Why is it important for them to solve these problems? 4) How much is it is worth…

Breakdown of 8 Week Testing Period

Quite a few people asked what I do with my clients during the 8 week testing period, here is the breakdown: Before running ads, we offer a 1-hour consultation in which we ensure that your existing funnel (including landing pages, email automation, videos, etc.) is of the highest quality, and ready for traffic. Once the…