No Pain, No Gain

How to Feel the Burn in Your Business

The Bible and Business

The analysis and comparison of 2 kinds of bosses- which one are you?

If You Had a Chance to Sit with a Billionaire

The difference between the layman and the billionaire is ACCESS (and toilets).

Give it to Someone Who’s Busy

Utilize those extra moments to maximize your productivity.

What NOT to do When Starting Facebook Advertising

When companies start off with ads, they think that it is a good time to try new things out. This is the wrong way to go. Instead, you should start with what is already working, then make changes AFTER you have ads that are working.

You Are Going to FAIL

Plan out your future, but don’t forget to plan for failure.

First is the WORST

The second time around​ is always better.

How NOT to Get a Six Pack

You won’t get a six pack from eating chips, and you won’t become a successful entrepreneur by wasting your time.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Elections

Convince them that you want the same thing as they want.