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Learn about WordPress: Users

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Now that we have explained posts, media, and pages we will be moving into slightly more difficult areas of WordPress, but I’ll try to simplify as much as possible. The next tab we will discuss is the Users  tab (I am pushing off Appearance for now, it is the most complicated one…). Users are basically anyone that has a username and password. There are 5 levels of users:

  1. Administrator- Someone who has full control over everything on the site.
  2. Editor- This account can edit, delete,and publish all posts, pages, and media. 
  3. Author- This account can edit, write, and publish posts but can only see their own posts. 
  4. Contributor- This account can write and edit posts, but cannot actually publish. 
  5. Subscriber- If you require login to see posts or to comment then any user will need to sign up as a subscriber. All this account allows them to do is read and comment on those specific pages (if you are using WordPress comments).

After the account is made (which asks for a username, email, first and last name, and password) you still need to go in to the user after it is created to add more information. In the user details (found by going into users, then clicking the username of the user you want the details about) scroll down below the website box. The three boxes are really important (Google+, Twitter, and Facebook), by correctly adding this information it gives you a powerful tool on social media. For Facebook, any article posted by this author anywhere on Facebook (not just on your page) will include a link to that user’s Facebook page. You can also set up that anyone who shares an article by the user on Twitter through a plugin on your page should automatically add the user’s Twitter handle.

In the next section you can write a description for the author. If your theme enables it, this description with most likely appear on the bottom or sidebar of every article this person writes. Finally, underneath this are SEO settings.

It is unfortunate how many companies forget to fill out the information in full on this page, missing out on great opportunities to get people to like their Facebook page, share their Twitter Handle, or just find out more about this specific author. Don’t be one of those companies!