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Learn About WordPress: How to Update Your Theme

Update your Theme

We are now going to explore the Appearance tab. A few posts ago we spoke about Plugins, I didn’t explain the process there on how to update a plugin because it is incredibly easy process. If there is an update there will be a number next to the Plugins tab, when you hover over the tab there will be an extra tab that says “Update.” After you click there it will show you a list of all the plugins that have updates. Simply, check the top check mark to check the whole list, then just click update plugins. Done, that’s it. While themes get updated much less often it does happen that themes get updated. In fact, the more that a theme is updated means that the company that created it gives more support. WordPress currently has no way to easily update a theme if it is not part of the WordPress theme collection. So you have to play around to be able to actually update.

As opposed to giving you all of the options I’ll just give you the way I do it. If your try to add the updated theme to WordPress with the “Add New” button you will be told that the theme already exists and that you can’t upload it. This means that you need to change the name of the current theme on your site. To this you need to go into the File Manager in your cPanel. Log into your cPanel, scroll down to the file section and click on the file manager, and click “Go.”

Once in the root folder (the folder that should open by default click on the “wp-content” folder. Inside there is a folder called “Themes.” Here is the list of all of the themes, each in their own folder. Now, single click the theme that you want to update and choose the “Rename” option on top and change the folder to the theme name and add some text like “Name-Old1.”

Now that the old theme is named something different you can come back to WordPress, go the Appearance, Theme, and click “Add New,” “Upload Theme” then choose the folder and install now. Then, activate it, and you’re done, with one small catch.

That one small catch is that any custom code that was done to the original theme will be gone in the new update. This means that you will need to copy the custom code before doing the update into Notepad and paste it into the correct place in the new updated theme and you have installed it.

Before doing this I do advice saving a backup of your site so if things go wrong you can always revert back to the old version.