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Learn about micro-advertising

learn your audience through micro-advertising

It’s time to learn¬†about micro-advertising. It’s the idea that you can test your target audience in small groups to see how they perform before putting big money into a campaign.

Imagine in the time, not so long ago, when TV ads were huge, someone comes to you and says that you can advertise to several specific groups of people, see which ones care about your product the most, and then you can spend a lot of money on an ad only to the people that truly care about your product. People would have paid billions for that opportunity.

Now, Facebook allows you to do this very thing, yet people just assume that they know their target market and without thinking they keep throwing money at the same groups of people without learning more about each specific group.

Try to break down the different interest groups that your target audience has and try to run small $5-7 a day campaigns to see how they actually perform (maybe use a tracking code to see if these people are buying or just leaving right away.)

This test can cost as low as $1000 and it can allow you to truly know your audience and how to better serve them the content they really enjoy.

Have you ever micro-advertised?