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How to Get Ready For Running Ads

o, you want to run ads for your service based business…

Before spending any money, here is what I would focus on:

1) What problems does your service fix?
2) Which group of people experience these problems?
3) Why is it important for them to solve these problems?
4) How much is it is worth for them to solve these problems?
5) How does your service solve the problems different than other solutions?
6) Does this audience care about your key differentiator?
7) How much more would they pay for it?
8) How large is this audience?
9) How many people can you serve at once?
10) If you were almost fully booked, what would you charge for your service?
11) Is there enough of a group within your audience that would be happy to pay your price to solve their problem?
12) Focusing only on these people, where are they hanging out?
13) Go to where they hang out, and connect with them.
14) Provide them a partial solution to their problem. (never sell band-aids, always provide solutions.
15) Tell them how you can solve their problem once and for all.
16) Empathize with the pain they have gone through.
17) Have them envision what life would look like if this problem was solved.
18) Ask them how much it would be worth to them to solve it.
19) Sell your service.
20) Deliver amazing results.
21) Repeat a bunch of times.
22) Now you have proven that your audience exists, the pain is real, they are willing to pay to solve it, and your solution works.
23) Now you’re ready to scale with ads.