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Getting Started with Mailchimp Campaigns

Mailchimp Campaigns (1)

Now on to the exciting part, time to send your first email!

To get started click on “Campaigns” on the top bar. Click “Create Campaign.” At this point you are given 4 options:

  1. Regular Campaign
  2. Plain-Text Campaign
  3. A/B Split Campaign
  4. RSS-Driven Campaign

Let’s explain each one. Regular campaigns are what you are going to do about 95% of the time, these emails are normal everyday emails, with pictures, headers, footers, gifs, you name it you got it.

Plain-Text Campaigns are used about 0% of the time, because most people have smart phones and a normal amount of internet in their homes. So unless you are either sending to a list of Blackberry users or to a small tribe in the African jungle don’t use this.

In the last few months Mailchimp revamped the entire A/B Split Campaigns section. Now, you can test 2 versions of subject line, 2 versions of from name (the name the email is coming from), 2 versions of content (probably the most important), or 2 versions of send times. In addition, in Mailchimp Pro they allow you to test up to 6 versions at once. For a while this tool was basically totally useless, but now, with the update it is something that should be used and tested. We will discuss A/B testing in a later post.

RSS-Driven Campaigns are really nice if you are creating different types of content that different types of people would be interested it. Every WordPress site has a built in RSS feed, just add the phrase “/feed/” to the end of any page. If you have articles on several different topics every day then you can create several email lists that automatically send any day if there is a new article published in that category.

So for now let’s select option 1 “Regular Campaign” and let the fun begin!