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Final Thoughts on Email Marketing

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I have mentioned these ideas for email marketing several times in passing but I want to dig deeper into it. Here are some easy and practical tips on how to get a significantly higher click rate. Pay attention all of these have a proven track record!

  1. Don’t put the content you want the most clicks first, put the one that you know your subscribers want more.
  2. When text is clickable make it clear to your subscribers that it can be clicked. For example, if all of your headers are bold and underlined but only one of them has a link to click people won’t know and they are less likely to click.
  3. If you have a video that you want people to watch match sure the image for the video has a play button (if it is red, as opposed to black/grey it will get an even higher click rate).
  4. At the end of a paragraph include a call to action like “Read More” “Watch Now” “Listen Now” etc. with a link to the a post with more details, this call to action could easily double your click through rate.
  5. Make sure that every image links to something. For example, if you have a logo on your email link it to your home page, if you include the image of an article link it to the article.
  6. If you want an image to get clicked more make it the full size of the email (600px across).

These tips can dramatically increase your click through rate and enhance the user experience, which is the most important thing you can do. I have seen time and time again that these small tweaks can double or triple your click rate.