Facebook Reach is Down!

Facebook reach is way down, Now suck it

If you have read any articles about Facebook I’m sure you heard that many people say that Facebook reach is down. It is true, if you were on Facebook a few years ago most of your audience saw what you posted, but now it is impossible for that to happen. Too many people and businesses are on Facebook to make it possible for everyone to see everything they are supposed to. Facebook had no choice but to show users what they will most likely enjoy.

Every so often Facebook changes their algorithm according to how it determines if a user likes a specific post, whether that be the number of likes, clicks, comments,shares, etc. and what combination of those things is enough proof that other users will enjoy it. While we can’t know the exact formula there is something we can know, Facebook will show your posts to your audience if you can prove your content worthy of getting seen.

If you want to see if your page is doing  well the best metric to watch is total engagement. This metric allows you to see how many people interact with your posts, and allows you to see if your audience likes what you’re saying. If you see your total engagement go up on a steady basis then you know you’re doing it right and you should keep putting out similar content (and I just short of guarantee that your organic views will go up naturally as that happens, because Facebook will see that people like what you post.)

Which metric do you watch the most on Facebook?