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    By taking a few minutes of your time to create and place your Facebook tracking and conversion Pixel on your site, you are tapping into what is possibly the greatest marketing tool that exists today, allowing you to use Facebook’s vast database to your business’ advantage. The Facebook Pixel does not simply allow you to track conversions for your ads – it does much, much, more.

    What You Get:

    • Facebook Pixel Setup Instructions
    • Learn How Facebook Uses the Pixel to Track Conversions
    • Understand How The Pixel Allows you to Build New Audiences to Find New Potential Customers
    • See How the Pixel Allows Facebook to Save You Money By Targeting More Appropriate Users
    • Stay On Top of Today’s Social Media Trends with Daily Email Tips
    • And So Much More!

    About the Author:


    Through his years of experience in online marketing Azriel Ratz has perfected his strategy for companies to find their ideal audiences and create the most relevant ads for their businesses. The long term success of these Facebook campaigns earns an average return of five times the ad costs.