Facebook Link Posts

link posts

So let’s move to what I consider the most important post type, Facebook link posts. Most posts have 1 to 2 “moving parts” 1) the text of the post 2) the image OR 1) text of the post 2) video.

Media posts are on a whole other level, they have many moving parts.
1) The text if the post
2) The image
3) The title of the link
4) Yhe description of the link.
(With dark posts: 5) Call to action button).

NOTE: Don’t trick people into clicking, because once they learn your tricks your numbers will start to drop fast and it will be very hard to build back up again. Facebook will make sure of that.

Each part is very crucial, each part can convince a user to click or to move on. If you want your followers to care you need to have a balance of exciting, interesting, revealing, and not too revealing. The “You won’t believe what happened next” posts are a thing of the past, people want to know what they are clicking on, but you can’t give too much away, because then they won’t want to click.

The reason that I find link posts to be the most important to understand is because as of now sales cannot happen directly on Facebook, if you want people to convert or register you need them to come to your site, the only way to do that is to get them used to clicking, and giving them a great experience while they are there. Mastering the link post is the most important skill one needs to learn when running a successful page (for now).

Facebook recently rolled out a Twitter-like feature. It will allow marketers to create ads that will allow users to give over their email address in one click. This is an amazing step towards sales directly on Facebook, but I am not sure how useful this tool is. Remember that most people who have accounts have been using that account for 5+ years, but that may not be true for the email address associated with the account. What use is an unused email to a marketer? Not much.

How well do you understand link posts?