Facebook Graph Search

Screenshot from search.fb.com

Screenshot from search.fb.com

In the last few months Facebook has updated their search bar. The new search bar has the Open Graph technology built in, which allows you to see all public posts containing the words you look for.

This can be an incredibly powerful tool, as powerful as Twitter search, and most businesses are not taking advantage of it.

Here are some amazing ways to use it for your business:
1) You can look for terms on Facebook that fit well with your business and comment on statuses about that topic
2) You can examine the type of people that are using specific terms to see if they are your potential customers
3) You can find out what people are talking about having to do with this topic, then make future posts about those things

The new Facebook search is a very powerful tool (possibly more powerful than twitter search) and if used right it can give you an incredible advantage.