The Facebook Advantage, Open Graph


The most important difference between Twitter and Facebook is that with Twitter shows you every single tweet, the second it posted. Facebook uses a technology called Open Graph which shows you the best thing that they can show you at the time. Facebook looks at everything you do and based on that it decided which posts you will enjoy the most and shows you only those posts. If you want to see the posts of people or pages that are not on your home page you will have to actively go looking for them (even if you already friend, follow, or like them), then you will need to tell Facebook that you are interested in seeing more posts like those posts (by being active on that post.)

This is the most important thing to remember when setting up a Facebook page. Facebook will only show your posts to people that may actually be interested in what you post, and they will show it to them when they think they want to see it, even if that is hours or days after you post it.

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