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The Editor Tab: The Sidebar and Footer Sheets

Sidebar and Footer Sheets

The last two sheets that you should know about are the sidebar.php and the footer.php. I don’t have much to add to these sheets since my theme allows for a fair amount of customization without playing around in the code and for the sidebar, since widgets are very flexible.

That being said, you should still know that these sheets exist and that if need be, things can be edited in here. Each option on the side is a different sheet that controls how specific pages or sections of your site will look. It is worth taking some time and just seeing the list of sheets you have for your theme. As I have warned in the past you should not be changing anything if you don’t know what you’re doing, because you will probably break something, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look.

If you really love a theme except there is one thing you can’t stand you can go into the code and change it, and that is the really great part about WordPress, it means that even the most advanced programmers can use WordPress and tweak things to their liking, while beginners can allow themes to do most of the work.

I obviously don’t have to sell the world on WordPress, currently 1 in every 4 sites use WordPress, but I still see so many people with small businesses paying companies for expensive custom themes. While it is true that for large businesses and for serious eCommerce sites many things require expensive coding and customization, for many small businesses a simple WordPress site with a theme for less than $75 will do very well.

If you have a business that sells a service, or just a handful of products and you want to have a simple site that you can manage on your own then WordPress is definitely a great option.

There is a free eCommerce plugin called WooCommerce (or Shopify) that will do the job for most small businesses that want to sell things.

At this point I have covered every single tool in a basic WordPress site, this may be the last Website tip unless anyone has any questions they would like me to answer before I move on.