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Designing your Email: Mobile Design

Email Mobile Design

The next tab we will look at is really important, and most likely overlooked by way too many companies. Nowadays 60% of all internet use is done on mobile, so it is very likely that you should be concerned with how your email newsletter looks in mobile.

I would advise getting your hands on an Android phone and an iPhone (you don’t need to buy one, just borrow from someone for like 20 minutes.) Mailchimp does have a mobile preview, but it is much more accurate if you can actually see what it will look like on both platforms.

Make sure the text is a good size so that it is easy to read on mobile, and that any link text is big enough to click on. Make sure the email looks nice and is easy to use on mobile otherwise you are basically telling all of your subscribers who use mobile that you don’t care about them.

The last thing on the list is MonkeyRewards. Mailchimp has an affiliate program where they give you $30 for any other person that you get to sign up. The catch is that it’s not actually $30, it is just $30 towards their services, (which is pretty lame.) The catch is that free accounts need to have this located in the footer of every email, so just choose the one you hate the least. If you have a paid account you can remove it from your email.

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