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Designing your Email: Designing the Preheader

Preheader Design

Now that you have set up the design for the Page let’s work our way from the top of the email to the bottom.

Let’s start with the preheader. Before we talk about the design let’s talk about how Mailchimp currently lays out the preheader. By default, the preheader is 2 columns, the left side is the place for you to put your content.

On the right side, Mailchimp includes a link to the archive of this email. The reason for this is because not all email services present content the same way (especially in mobile format), so Mailchimp includes this link so anyone who has a problem seeing the content correctly can view it in the browser, where it is likely to look better. It is up to you if you want to keep it, but it doesn’t hurt to test it (although I wish that Mailchimp tracked the clicks for it.) If you don’t think you need it then maybe try using just one column with your content the same way that the New York Times does it now, placing the archive link on a second line (NOTE: Since writing this post the Times has started including there preheader text in size one print in white, so while it can’t be seen in the email it still appears in the email “teaser.”

Now, to the design. In the preheader tab it lets you choose the background color, the text color, font, shaping, etc. As opposed to the rest of the email, which I prefer to use black (#000000) I like to keep the gray color that Mailchimp uses (#656565) for the preheader, to differentiate.

As far as the preheader link text color I like to keep it the same too. as opposed to the body of the email, which we will get to at a later time.