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Campaign Reports

Campaign reporting

Let’s begin with the report page of a campaign. On the top it will show the title that you gave that campaign. Under that it shows the list that it was sent to, the date and time, and the subject line of the email.

Underneath this basic information it shows the open rate of that email, the average of your list, and the average of the industry you are in (just ignore this number). Take a look at the list average and compare this to the campaigns average. Is this campaign better or worse than the average? Think about what makes this campaign different, was it the day that it was sent, maybe the time of day, maybe the campaign subject line is more enticing. This is very important to think about.

To the right is the campaign’s click rate, the list average, and the industry average. Again, stop spending time figuring out why your numbers are different than your competitor, think about what made the click rate for this email different than the previous emails.

You need to always be thinking about what made this email good or bad in comparison to your other emails. Doing this will considerably help you understand your audience, what they like, what they don’t like, and what makes them tick. If you can crack this code you will be incredibly successful in email marketing, but if you don’t then you are wasting your time sending emails and wasting your audience’s time by not giving them what they want.