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Appearance: Beware of The Editor Tab

Editor Tab

Before we begin I am giving you an extreme warning here. The editor can be a scary place, one mistake can take down an entire website. There are horror stories that someone deleted one line of code, added something in the wrong place, or just didn’t know what they were doing and broke their entire site. So here is a warning, if you don’t know what you are doing, ask a professional, because it is much harder to fix something when you don’t know what you broke. Therefore, before you make a change to any sheet you should copy the entire sheet into a Microsoft Notepad file and save it so that if something goes wrong you can just copy in the old version of the sheet.

Another thing to keep in mind is that every editor is different based on the theme that you are using so it won’t always look the same, but there are some files that you should know about, so we will talk about them, and you should understand them, even if you don’t plan to do any changes to them.

The first page you will be brought to is the stylesheet. The stylesheet, which you will notice ends .css is a very interesting page. To explain it you need to remember what websites used to look like in the 90s. Most websites looked really lame. If you have ever had slow internet recently, you will see text with no styling. The styling sheet is what makes websites look nice. As opposed to the other files that end in .php that can be written in many computer languages, the stylesheets need to be written in css. The point of this sheet is so that you can have one master sheet for all of the styling for the site so that the site doesn’t need to reload the styles every time someone goes to a new page. The stylesheet contains all of the style rules for every page on your site. I do advise looking over your style sheets and understanding what it says there. If you want to edit the way your site looks this is the place to go.