Ad Sets are where the magic happens

ad sets
Ad Sets are where your ads success really comes from, so it is definitely worth putting in some time to make sure this is done right.

This is the list of all of the things you will be setting up in the Ads Sets:
1) Amount of Money
2) Dates for the Campaign
3) Conversion Pixel for the Ads
4) Target Audience

When setting up the spend you can either set it amount per day or total spend.

The dates can either be set to a specific date or let it run until paused manually. (Don’t forget about ads, Facebook will continue to charge you forever until you turn it off…)

The conversion pixel is really important to set up if you want to have amazing results, it allows you to know what is actually working, I highly recommend using pixels whenever possible.

The last part of the Ad Set is the target audience, this part will make or break your ad campaigns. More to come on this tomorrow.