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8 Week Testing Period for Ads

Before you can run ads to make money there is an 8 weeks testing period. During that period you need to learn:

Who the best Audience to target in order to get them to engage, build trust, and eventually buy?

What type of ad is the best type to get this Audience to engage click and convert?

What type of Funnel is required to move people from having never heard of you to become loyal buyers?

How much scale can ads give you? What new audiences would be good targets for existing ads and what type of ad could perform better than what I am currently running?

These questions don’t even include product related questions like profit margins upsells, downsells, customer support, the general public opinion of the product.

This testing period is minimally 6 weeks with around 40 hours of manual work and analysis before you can know what type of results to expect from ads.

The work done in this period is what takes such expertise and takes years to learn and even longer to master. Likely less than 10% of all the people that work in this field have properly mastered this.

Who should pay for the work done at this time?

This work that is incredibly specific to your exact business, cannot be replicated for any other brand and has to be done from scratch every time you work with a new business.

Facebook ads aren’t a one size fits all, it’s a series of testing, analyzing, tweaking, optimizing, new trials, then repeat.